Additional services

All services in one place.

You can order all the works related to the modular home here. We offer foundation construction, transportation of a modular home, connection and installation of electricity, water and heating systems. We will also help with obtaining an operating permit.

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Individual projects

All projects can be changed according to the client’s wishes. (rooms layout, house dimensions, interior and exterior decoration, addition of a sauna, furnishing). Our architect will help you realize all your wishes.

Transport of your modular home

After manufacturing the modular home, we will deliver it to you at the site and install it with our own transport. Modular homes can be delivered anywhere in Europe.

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Foundation construction

We will help you build a suitable foundation for the ordered modular home.

Connection to electricity, water and sewerage

We will help you connect the modular house to all the necessary communications. There will be no need to search for these services separately.

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Installation of heating systems

In accordance with the chosen heating solution, you can order the installation, connection and configuration of heating systems from us.

Obtaining a license for operation

Our partners will help you get a permit to operate a modular home in the shortest possible time.

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