Modular home Melonia

Melonia is our modern and stylish modular home with a gable roof, thatoffers the perfect combination of comfort and functionality. Spacious and bright rooms provide comfort, and modern technologies and materials guarantee efficient and durable use. The exterior of the house is decorated in a very original style.

Modular home details

Moodulmaja Melonia 3

Total area 54 m²

Bedroom 1

Kitchen preparation

Shower + WC

  • Color selection
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Fully furnished
  • Pitched roof
  • Skylights
  • Sauna
  • Foundation
  • Location of rooms

PRICE: 52,000€ + vat

*The price does not include transport to the customer, additional equipment or the price of other additional works.

Gallery of the house

Individual projects

All projects can be changed according to the client's wishes. (rooms layout, house dimensions, interior and exterior decoration, addition of a sauna, furnishing).

Different styles

You have the chance to choose the style that suits you, including color solutions and materials both in the interior and exterior.

Ready-made solution

We help with the whole process of a modular home - from foundation construction to installation of electricity, water and heating systems, etc.

Fast deadlines

On average, the delivery time of modular homes is 7-9 weeks. Usually we also have some models in stock.

5-year warranty

All our modular homes have a 5-year warranty on the supporting structure. The additional equipment is covered by the warranty provided by the manufacturer.


With the modular home one will receive architectural drawings, a passport of the home and other instructions.

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